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Best Practices for Managing Liquidity of Your Company

Best Practices for Managing Liquidity of Your Company © | BoBaa22This article revolves around the best ways in which a company’s liquidity can be dealt with. This includes 1) an introduction, 2) liquidity management techniques overview, and 3) best practices to manage the liquidity of a company.INTRODUCTIONLiquidity, in simple terms, is the ability to meet financial demands. It ensures that the company maintains equal and adequate cash and liquid assets for mainly two reasons: first, to be able to meet the clients’ demands for loans or savings withdrawals, and second, to be able to pay their own expenses and overheads. Furthermore, liquidity management includes a daily survey and evaluation of the size and timings of the cash inflows and outflows over the coming weeks so that the risk of the savers being unable to access their assets is minimized. It is critical for a business to include liquidity  management so that enough information is available in order to make realistic growth and liquidity predictions.LIQUIDI TY MANAGEMENT TECHNIQUES OVERVIEWLiquidity management techniques typically fall into three main categories. It should be noted that the groups depend on the method used to integrate the balances.Physical Balance ConsolidationCash ConcentrationPhysical balance consolidation includes cash concentration. It describes the movement of funds from participant accounts into a single liquidity position in an account especially created for this purpose. A credit position is moved to the target account, which is usually referred to as “sweeping”, and a debit position is transferred from the target account. Cash concentration is also referred to as zero balancing structure. This includes putting the debit and credit account to zero at the end of each day.Notional Balance ConsolidationNotional PoolingThe debit and the credit balances are virtually counterbalanced. Due to the debit balance being canceled out by the credit balance, the business can achieve an increased credit interest and supp oses a decreased debit interest. Some of the benefits of notional pooling are that it can decrease or even bring intercompany loans to a breakeven. This can lead to the support of decentralized structures.Interest EnhancementThis is similar to notional pooling, in the manner that does not include physical movement of the funds. The difference is that it applies a set amount of pricing to all the groups of accounts by following set criteria depending on the accumulated net on the balance sheet. This technique requires being able to adhere to the bank and the local regulations regarding the return of an account in the form of an interest.HybridsWhile it is easy to categorize these methods in theory, in reality it is not as simple. Most of the time, these techniques are merged so that whichever may be more appropriate is used. While sometimes these methods are employed intentionally, most of the times, the hybrid method is taken without even noticing it.BEST PRACTICES TO MANAGE LIQUIDI TY OF A COMPANYImplementing a Centralized or De-Centralized ModelOne may be able to create a centralized or a decentralized business model. The former model will include a business or a corporation having a single cash and flow management solution which the entire business and its departments have to follow. A decentralized model, on the other hand, affords the different departments to make up their cash flow management depending on their own needs. In this case, the workers have the freedom to be more creative, and as more authority is delegated to them, they may show more responsibility.The question of visibility is also pertinent. If the corporation decides to work as decentralized structure, the regional managers have to bear the burden of collecting and amalgamating the information in a quantifiable data. This is very time-consuming and may also cause confusion amongst the departments.Improving Cash Forecasting to Enhance Liquidity ManagementThe business may also work to improv e cash forecasting to increase liquidity management. This is critical as these predictions are the basis of the decisions that the managers of the business take. It can impact the entire corporation.Focusing on Receivables and Payables to Enhance the Cash PositionThe company may prioritize on their receivables and payables. By managing the cash flow, the business will automatically have a more focused opinion on their assets and how and in what way to use the assets. It also aids to have some working capital to make the day to day transactions easier and more efficient. The business may also face the problem of trapped cash. The company may have trouble accessing the money in other countries and there may also be problems in managing the liquidity on hand. In the latter situation, the company can develop internal liquidity  management departments rather than external which only results in more outflow of money. An advantage of trapped cash is that the business can make an accumulate d account of the business from all the departments which will lead to an increased balance of assets.Best Practices in Cash ConcentrationAt times when notional pooling is not possible, cash concentration is used in its place. This involves physical movement of the funds from one account to the other. However, it is imperative to know the different types of cash concentration in order to understand the concept better. Various forms of cash concentration include:Zero Balance (ZBA): This is when the balance of zero is attained and maintained by transferring the money from the master account in the exact amount which is enough to cover the present expenses.Target balance: This method ensures that a specific amount is present in each account at all times. This is decided accordingly by the managers beforehand.Threshold: When an account is surplus in cash, one is allowed to move the funds to another account. This results in less confusion and the data is readily quantifiable.Collar: Colla r is a direct result of Threshold. When threshold is reached, and the funds are moved accordingly, the balance left is called Collar.While cash concentration may be more time consuming than notional pooling, it has its set of advantages.Benefits of Cash ConcentrationThere should be a fixed set of rules and regulations for the entire business to follow. This allows the employees to have a more concrete idea of what if expected of them. In addition to this, there is a uniformity that is important when accessing and examining the cash inflow and outflow.As it sometimes happens, notion pooling is an unwanted aspect. This may be because it causes additional bank charges. The interest rate is increased which the business has to pay back.The cash concentration may also result in legal issues. The law in each country might differ which will lead to confusion of finding a uniformity between the different method of cash concentration that may be used and trying to make sense of it.The structu re of the banking industry can also be better explained and formed accordingly.The above points result in physically removing the funds in order to enjoy the same benefits.The Typical Users of Cash ConcentrationA business which wants to lessen the reliability of credits in the long run.A business which has a centralized structure.A concentrated effort on reducing the result on the balance sheet or tax planning.Hesitant to delve into the complex arena which includes legal documentation and cross-indemnity provisions to name a few.An aim to have either a regional or a global consistency in  liquidity    management so that variations are decreased to a considerable amount.Best Practices in Notional PoolingWhile notional pooling is used to calculate the combined interest in the credits and the debits, it does not involve the actual movement of funds. It is most suitable for companies who have a decentralized way of managing the business as this allows some control over their subsidiarie s and bank controls. It is also sometimes called “interest offset pooling”.Benefits of Notional PoolingA notional pooling arrangement allows a certain freedom to the company as it does not have a long-term agreement with the bank. Indeed, it is easy to back out of the agreement if the conditions are no longer suitable for the business.There is also no bank fees included in notional pooling. This is due to lack of actual movement of funds involved.There is an increased amount of interest income than possible if investments were made individually in smaller bank accounts.It also eliminates the hassle of having any overdrafts as cash is stored locally.It is very convenient for those who partially own subsidiaries. They do not have to be inconvenienced into physically transferring accounts into accounts controlled and owned by someone else.If global notional pooling is used, it does not require credit and debit balances which may be available in different currencies, to use any fore ign exchange rates. This then saves precious time.There is a decreased amount of interest rate that lessens the company’s expenses.It can also reduces and in the long run even eliminate the business’s borrowing issues.The Typical Users for Notional PoolingA business which is more decentralized in nature and structure.An eagerness to actually overcome the problems that notional pooling faces.An open-minded manner and patience to deal with the legalities.Those who think long term, may be able to overcome these problems so that in the long run, they are able to enjoy the full benefits.An openness to change. This includes the hybrid nature of both cash concentration and notional pooling so that both these processes combined may result in various liquidity techniques.Best Practices in Interest EnhancementIn interest enhancement, no physical amount of money is transferred. It is necessary that the total of the balances that are calculated must increase the individual balances of the a ccounts.Benefits of Interest EnhancementThis technique is by far the most flexible than either notional pooling or cash concentration. It is also able to work on local and multinational level so that it is very convenient. This is because instead of net balance treatment, it deals with relationship based preferential pricing.As with any relationships, the dynamics between the bank and the company is constantly changing. In this manner, the prices are determined regarding the relationship the two have. This way, in order to keep track of the relationship, the developments are noted so that the pricing is appropriate.There is also an increased amount of autonomy and control on the part of the company as opposed to notional pooling and cash concentration. It requires more sophisticated techniques that allow the result to be more reliable and effective. It can also be used a way of finding more improved ways to manage liquidity and its management techniques.Typical Users of Interest Enh ancingA willingness to develop hybrid structures so that there is more flexibility.A business which believes in a centralized culture of management.The requirement of a structure which complements the existing structure of the business.Best Practices in HybridAs mentioned before, hybrid is a mixture of the other types of liquidity management methods. Thus, it carries immense utility and significance.Advantages of HybridA unique efficiency may be achieved using this method. Both the regulated and unregulated markets can be taken into account in which different techniques have to be used. In this manner the business is able to function in a diversified manner. The use of hybrid structure also enables the confusion and difficulty of liquidity methods to lessen.Typical users of HybridMost of the businesses use this method as it is more flexible in its management and easier to manage.In order to manage a  companys liquidity, it is best to know all the types and forms of methods. This ena bles the company to be able to make the right decision while having all the facts. Notional pooling, cash concentration, and enhanced interest all have their advantages and disadvantages. Businesses have also started using the hybrid method which is an accumulation of all of the three techniques. Liquidity  is an extremely relevant and important part of any business, and the managers are suggested to employ these methods by asking for expert opinions.

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Diminished Education A Dimensional Analysis - 1437 Words

Diminished Education Leads To Chronic Unemployment A Dimensional Analysis Public policy affects the lives of citizens’ every day and their pleas for policy reform is prompting political decisions-makers to reexamine how they shape policies socially, domestically and internationally. There is a major effort to increase the understanding of how policies are developed and the impact it has on social interactions, economic conditions, and the structure of government. This paper explores the multi-dimensional make-up that society has on government versus government on society and the adverse implications of (1) diminished education as a direct correlation of chronic unemployment (2) significant influence from technological change (3) failure of Federal Back To Work Programs while conservatively applying Efficiency and Equality led by theory, often influencing key decision makers when attempting to assess, address and resolve issues. Efficiency is the distribution of and productive use of resources and Equality is the social policy ensuring that every citizen has the free right to access necessary resources, minimizing intense differences, in both opportunities and in outcomes. Employment Employment is a means by which people provide themselves and their families, driven by personal value and satisfaction while contributing to their communities locally and nationally. A steady job means economic freedom, access to education and healthcare benefits which often leads to aShow MoreRelatedVenezuela s Presidency And Leadership1315 Words   |  6 Pages Many of the social programs, similar to â€Å"Barrio Adentro†, had the same goal; to provide equity, universality, accessibility, solidarity, cultural sensitivity, and participation. Legacy: Success and Failure â€Å"Political movements are never one-dimensional, but braid together numerous concerns into a chain of equivalence that links their various interests via one overarching theme† (Ponniah, 2011, 282). The Bolivarian Revolution movement aimed to transform cultural and political relations throughRead MoreBodies and Minds2165 Words   |  9 Pagesfour groups of 30 subjects. One group ranged from 20 to 25 years old, the second group was 45 to 55 years old, the third group consisted of 55 to 65 year olds, and the fourth group was 70 to 75 year olds. The groups were matched regarding sex and education levels. The subjects were all administered the same Reading the Mind in the Eyes Test. The mean correct recognition scores depicted a consistent decline of about two percent per age group. Contrasts between what would be considered the early adulthoodRead MoreHealth Professionals Attitudes Towards The Promotion Of Breastfeeding1679 Words   |  7 PagesHealth professionalsâ⠂¬â„¢ attitudes towards the promotion of breastfeeding An analysis on attitudes of breastfeeding Paediatricians, nurses and lactation specialist are all health professionals who work with new mothers. As health professionals working in this field they have their own opinions and attitudes about new moms and the health advantages of a mother breastfeeding her child. Ultimately, the purpose of reading the article and writing this critique is to get acquainted with reviewing a researchRead MoreImpact Of Technology On The Computer Technology1795 Words   |  8 Pagesdigital pacemaker to be invented. The physicians can download patient information in 18 seconds 12 2006 Nike+iPod Nike and Apple teamed together to allow users to sync their movements to their iPods 13 2007 Fitbit The Fitbit tracker uses a three dimensional accelerometer to sense user movement. It aims to allow user to track his/her activity 14 2009 The W200 It is wearable computer designed mainly for emergency response workers who will need to access enormous amount of data while keeping their handsRead MoreMy Personal Definition Of Nursing1925 Words   |  8 Pageshas a body, mind and spirit. Even though the client’s physiologic function is diminished (his material body being comatose), his psychological (him hearing and interpreting the nurse’s words), social (his behaviors such as the half-smile), and spiritual aspects (his immaterial sense of being alive and experiencing his environment) are still intact and operational. I think that my previous Catholic nursing education in the Philippines, where the dominant religion is Christianity, still stronglyRead MoreThe Importance Of Keeping And Improving Overall Quality Of Teachers Essay2363 Words   |  10 Pagesthorough analysis of the reward system for teachers in England and Wales, beginning with an overview of the general situation on teachersâ€℠¢ salaries and followed by a discussion on tangible aspects including base pay, variable pay, benefits and pensions as well as intangible aspects like non-financial benefits. By presenting all this information and analysing it clearly, I will offer some suggestions aimed at enhancing the total reward system for teachers in England and Wales. II. Analysis of RewardRead MoreWhat Does The Influence Of Social Determinants Factors Have On Happiness?2383 Words   |  10 Pagesconsidered on an ordinal scale of answers to biased questions. Most experimental findings consume various kinds of self-reported ideals on happiness or particular well-being dignified from various scaling methods. Happiness is a personal and multi-dimensional notion – every distinct person depicts it in a diverse way, it is comparative, and it is determine by an extensive range of influences, involving individual personalities. Consequently, allowing it to be assessable and creating causal relationshipsRead MoreEssay on The Performance Appraisal2639 Words   |  11 Pagesthe responsibility of the immediate manager, following the belief that direct managers are the best source of performance feedback (Barnes-Farrell, 2001). Performance expectations/ outputs and critical aspects of performance are determined from job analysis and set as standards or goals. Often, performance requirement are defined in behavioral terms and measured using calibrated or anchored scale, ranging from low to highly effective. The focus of appraisal is the comparison of the actual performanceRead MoreCoun 646 Research Paper4382 Words   |  18 Pagessecond story is suffering from paranoid personality disorder, it is gathered that the pervasive patterns are abnormal. Therefore, on the surface descriptively differentiating adaptive and maladaptive personalities may appear to be easy, from a deeper analysis one must recognize that the subjectivity and complexity of personality and personality disorders provides for a dubious and daunting task of diagnosing and treatment planning. In 2007, the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) revealed thatRead MoreDGL Case Study: Manufacture of Refinery Equipment2859 Words   |  11 PagesCase for critical Analysis (DGL International) The DGL case study is about the manufacture of refinery equipment and its urgent situation. The company has been haired the John Terrill as a new manager to manage its technical services division and informed the urgent situation of technical service division by having the 20 engineers with high paid and educated but least-productive division in the company. The instruction was turn around him. In the beginning Terrill called the engineers for meeting

Benjamin Banneker Analysis Essay Free Essays

Benjamin Banker shifts from respectful to cynical using allusion, repetition, and negative diction to prove that since all men are created equal, slavery must come to an end. Allusion provides examples for the author and is used to assist the reader with relating to and understanding a point or message. It makes the reader feel connected, and think along the lines of the author. We will write a custom essay sample on Benjamin Banneker Analysis Essay or any similar topic only for you Order Now Banker alludes to the Declaration of Independence to remind Jefferson of the equality of all American men. This strategy acts as a reminder, and shows Jefferson that he, Banker, is intelligent and aware of his rights. Allusion is also used in the letter when Banker refers to Job, and his advice to his friends about enlarging their hearts with kindness. Thus, explaining how Banker wants Jefferson to feel toward slavery while still maintaining respect. Next, to illustrate the shift in tone, Banker uses repetition. Repetition acts as a sound strategy, reminding the reader of an idea or thought. In this letter, the word â€Å"Side is repeated six times. This is done as a sign of respect toward Jefferson. Repetition of â€Å"sir† sticks in the readers mind and illustrates the principle of status in eighteenth century America and the lack of equality between men. The utilization of negative diction is powerful, and can alter the feelings of the reader. This strategy transformed the initial tone of respect to a cynical tone. Banker for example, uses the words â€Å"groaning captivity’, â€Å"cruel oppression†, and â€Å"fraud† to describe slavery and to convey an inhumane and cynical feel. These words make the reader portray Jefferson, and slavery, in a negative light. These three strategies that Banker utilizes show how Jefferson own words that â€Å"all men are created equal† contradict the actions of America, by slavery being allowed. Each strategy alters the thoughts and emotions of the reader, swaying the, to agree with Banker and his liberating beliefs. How to cite Benjamin Banneker Analysis Essay, Essays

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Philadelphia The Movie Essays - NYPD Blue, Andy Bernard,

Philadelphia The movie Philadelphia The movie, Philadelphia, was an excellent example of the severe discrimination many people with Aids are exposed to. In this instance the main character, Andy ,was also gay. Unfortunately, in our society, he was faced with a double whammy. The gay iss is controversial enough, but to compound that in the work force with having Aids would be almost unbearable for any person to cope with. Tom Hanks played Andy with a serious need to communicate to the viewers how everyday life, work, emotions and ment well being are affected by this kind of situation. The movie was well cast and thoughtfully portrayed Andy's serious predicament. The theme was very interesting. It made me realize how lucky I am to not have to deal with those kinds of problems. It's really very frightening to realize, as Andy did, that even our legal system can be discriminating. When he started looking for a lawyer, he found many people who did not want to represent him because of his illness. The frustratio n he felt must ha been a real burden. Most people were afraid of him. Even the man who finally represented him was afraid of him. He soon came to understand Andy was no threat to his health or his reputation, but someone he learned from and ended up becoming friends th. Andy himself feared his disease even before he was sure he had it. He did not want to go for his blood test. He didn't want to face the reality of having Aids. He really didn't have any choice. After the doctor confirmed his fears and diagnosed him a having Aids, Andy began to deal with the news and the way it was changing his life and how people treated him. His employer was trying to shaft him. He fought for his rights, not knowing what the outcome would be, but knowing this was something he fel he must do. The turning point in the movie for Andy was when he was in the library trying to learn more about Aids. He was asked by the librarian to go to a private room. His lawyer was there and saw this happening, althou gh he was hiding behind a pile of books. guess this is when he realized Andy needed him to help protect his rights. It killed me to think just because someone has an illness people don't understand that they can let their ignorance make them behave in a way they normally wouldn't. To tell yo the truth I can't honestly say I would have acted any different then the librarian did !!! The lawyer took the book Andy was holding out of his hand to show the librarian he was not afraid getting the disease by touching something Andy had touched. An must have felt one hell of a big relief when that happened !!! He finally had someone on his side. I hated the firm Andy worked for. At first they seemed okay, but after they tried shafting Andy, I was really pissed. He worked for them, produced for them, was an asset to their business and then they just blew him off. The blowing him off part wasn as bad as how they tried to do it. They tried to make him look like a loser. They cut down his work, his character, his abilities as an employee. What gives them the right to try and destroy someone's life Especially someone whose life is being d troyed anyway by the disease he has. The illness didn't affect the way he did his job or how well he did it. They were just a bunch of ignorant morons who didn't care about anything other than how having someone with Aids working for them would make t m and their business look..... and in their opinions it could ruin them. So, just fire the guy to cover their own asses. What a bunch of shit !!!! Especially coming from the very institution that was supposed to help protect peoples' rights, lawyers !! The whole system must have really gotten to Andy. Especially because he was a part of that very same system. I agreed with

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What is up in the mind of a man

What is up in the mind of a man Thesis Statement A man is not as complicated as he actually appears, all he needs is to feel secure and to have the feeling that he can believe in his woman totally.Advertising We will write a custom research paper sample on What is up in the mind of a man? specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More What does a man want? A man loves looking out for his women, to the point that he can pamper his manliness, just the same way he looks up to women who appear confident and strong, emotionally. When a woman runs to her man when encountered with problems every now and then, the man might show sympathy and even offer a shoulder to cry on, but this does not last for long. It is good when the woman shares her problems with the man and together they work on solving it, however, it is important for the woman to know when it is too much, as it is due to this reason that many relationships fail. Thus, when a woman learns to solve problems by herself it makes her man proud of her (Lewis 59). In addition, just like women, a man loves to be looked after. A wife or a girlfriend should know that her man’s mother, looks at him like her baby. The man can deny it as much as he can, however, he loves it when his mother is around, and when he looks for a girlfriend or a wife, he looks for one that has the same, or almost the same qualities like those of her mother. That is the reason some men are referred to as, ‘mamma’s boy’ (Barker 85). A man also enjoys it when his woman balances pampering him with competition and excitement. Furthermore, it is hard for a man to guess what his woman wants. This is because the levels of intuition in him are not the same as those of the woman (Geraldo 27). It is then advisable for a woman to tell her man what she is thinking as opposed to letting him discover all by himself. It might never come to that, and so the woman should do it to avoid feeling miserable. Regardless of his intuit ion being poor, a man knows it when his woman is manipulating or controlling him (Geraldo 27). When a woman resorts to manipulative and controlling games, her man usually starts blocking his feelings or sometimes hides them. This most of the time causes violent explosions or emotional breakdowns. In order to be happy and maintain happiness in a man when in a relationship, the woman should be considerate and honest. When respected, a majority of men are capable of being amazing individuals. Moreover, a man always needs his space. It is good to respect that. A woman should give his man enough space to breathe as well as do the things that guys do. It is good to let him indulge with his boys during his night outs. Ultimately, if he is in a relationship that is secure, he will all the time long for his woman’s comfort and snuggle, and will desire to go back home to her.Advertising Looking for research paper on psychology? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first pape r with 15% OFF Learn More Men and women are from different planets, and this may be the reason why many relationships work. A man and a woman can be compared to two lines, that despite being straight, intersect somewhere at the end. One cannot do with the other, and one cannot do without the other. Indeed, this can be considered one of creations lovely piece (Batthyany et al 180). What is in the mind of a man regarding Love and Respect Women want to be loved. A woman wants to feel that she is loved every time and if she is not regularly reminded, (not just by words, but also emotionally) she tends to feel like she is unwanted. This is in contrast to how a man feels. When it is true that he wants to be loved, respect is more important to him. A woman should never question her mans position in the house (Geraldo 39). That shows disrespect and it becomes equal when the man fails to show love. A woman should never disrupt when the man is correcting the children because t o the man it signifies extreme disrespect. What a man thinks about Sex A man desires to be desired truly, by means of sex. When a woman makes a man feel like she is making love to him just because it is an obligation, it really turns the man off. This is because most men are satisfied when they know their women are satisfied. That way they feel more confident. When a man is rejected, it becomes very hard for him. He thinks that when he is told no to sex, it is just the same as being told he is not wanted all together (Lewis 72). The image in a man’s mind A woman can see a good-looking man and forget it within a very short time. Men, alternatively, tend to store images in their ‘pictorial’ memory. When they notice a pretty woman, the image can be kept in their mind’s hard drive, for several months. This is not their fault as it is how they are created. It is the basic reason as to why women are advised to dress modestly. What men want when they look at porn ography is not necessarily the body of the woman, but the woman’s face. This is because the eyes of the woman have the look that says ‘I want you’, which is what they desire, to be wanted and needed (Gurian 129). What is in a man’s mind about a woman’s outfit? Many men will deny it when asked of what they find admirable amongst a woman’s outfit. However, a man is best identified as the ‘sex visual’ (Hasan 129). According to Imam, to a man, what a woman is putting on can be used to know what kind of woman she is. During a man’s adolescence, a man undergoes a moment whereby he starts to develop a liking for a particular type of dressing in a female.Advertising We will write a custom research paper sample on What is up in the mind of a man? specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Some men prefer women in underwear with no-frills because they consider such women confident as they let their bodies speak for themselves. Others like it when a woman is in lingerie, mini-dresses, and heels. Overall, men’s preferences are due to their uniqueness (Gurian 130). While a woman is inclined to hide what she perceives as an imperfect body, a man does not see that as important. Imam identifies that a woman might see another woman’s body as imperfect, while a man fails to notice that, but notices a woman in whom he has fallen for. Unsurprisingly, all men tend to be the same in one thing, they admire a woman’s clothing that does not only bring out the woman’s shape, but also the curves that come with it, which bring out the femininity in her, thereby pleasing what they see (Leman 178). What a man admires seeing a woman putting on Imam identifies that, a man likes to see a woman in tight jeans, pencil skirts, and tight dresses. This is because a man likes to perceive that under those clothes is a body, no matter how imperfect it is (Barker 92). Jumps uits and belted dresses are also their popular choices. To Imam, most men like it when a woman is putting on a classic fitting black dress. If its casual wear, then it has to be fitting such that the body shape is noticeable. If she opts for jeans, then they have to be the skinny ones, but have to be worn together with shoes that are high, as opposed to flat. A simple vest is also considered nice on a woman. If she opts for a top, men like it when she leaves a bit of her cleavage out. Some men consider seductive underwear to please in parties. Most men like heels because they think that they enhance height, and most of all, flatter the body, when a woman is walking. The most admired shoe to men is the ‘almond’ toe. Some men find jewelry on a woman attractive, however most men do not like it when a woman wears so many of them. Many will find it attractive when a woman puts on simple earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. However, women with so many piercings are disliked as they are considered, prostitutes. What a man dislikes seeing on a woman Men hate women in gladiator sandals. This is because they consider them as outdated. Tunics and smocks are considered as a big ‘no’. Generally, any long garment that camouflages, hides, or shrouds according to many men, makes a woman appear pregnant. Capri pants are considered to make a woman look stupid. Oversized shades are considered as â€Å"ridiculous.† Wearing plenty of makeup is considered an enormous mistake. No man prefers a woman who has a lot of make-up. In fact, many of the men consider women being most attractive to look at when they are somewhat undone. What a man thinks According to Imam, the following is what the outfit of a woman says to men. Imam identifies that to a man, a woman who proclaims of wearing designer clothes is insecure or just shallow minded. Some men consider women who find labels as a priority, to be lost. Consistent to Imam, some flee when they notice a woman with designer tags, as they get worried about their balance on their credit cards, in case they start dating. Most men consider women with high heels as â€Å"high-maintenance† (Leman 182).  To a woman, stilettos are a source of power and encouragement. However, in a man’s mind he wonders how much fun she can be having standing while balancing on a six-inch bar. Some men are even worried when walking on the streets with their women on the six-inch shoes as they walk supporting them, so as not to twist their ankle. In the man’s mind at that moment is the worry of having to spend all the night inside the emergency room. Though some men find it appealing when a woman puts on sexy clothes the environment and circumstance where she puts them on is important to them. Some are worried about their prospective dates wearing minis on an outing with their colleagues because they are worried of how their colleagues will judge them. To a man, according to Imam, red lips are a symbol of a powerful, contented, and competent woman. A man is so much attracted to a woman with red lipstick such that when he looks at them he just waits for her to say anything, and he obliges. A man knows best, the way a woman is required to dress since he fantasizes about a woman every time. The clothes that a woman puts on, to a man, define the kind of lifestyle she leads, how confident she is with her body, and therefore how much she can expose. In addition, the classiness and fashion of a woman, to a man, can be defined by her hairdo and makeup. Moreover, the taste and kind of personality that she has can be defined by the choice she makes when it comes to cologne and heels. A woman who is aware of the way to carry a ‘powerful dressing’ in a womanly way is found to be extremely hot, by a man (Hasan 133). A woman in male dress tops to a man is beautiful and powerful. In addition, she is found seductive and feminine. Imam identifies that the women in t hese kinds of clothes, to men, are clever and have great elegance. They are aware of how to command a situation no matter how hard (Geraldo 52) Men like seeing women in a 4-inch maximum heel. They consider anything longer than that weird. However, despite being in fashion nowadays, women in jumpsuits are disliked. In addition, women with lighter shades of makeup and a slight contour are found fascinating. In accordance to Imam, men do not like a woman who puts on so much foundation on their face, and puts on very funny hairstyles (Geraldo 54). Overall, when a man likes a woman, he likes every bit of her. He also wants her to appreciate herself. Therefore, to a man, if a woman puts on garments that do not reveal her shape, the man worries that she might not be comfortable in it, and thereby loose her natural beauty due to embarrassment.Advertising Looking for research paper on psychology? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The most beautiful thing to a man regarding a female is the body, its lines, and silhouette (Gurian 157).So, men do not like when women cover themselves so much. However, a woman should wear what she feels comfortable in, and her man will appreciate it. In the end, a woman should appear her best. If one is comfortable in her skin and her body, she is on a captivating streak. Any messages a man might read on a woman’s clothing can be outmoded by her inner glow, a smile, coolness, as well as poise. What a man thinks about a relationship In case a man fails to give a name to repeated intimate and social interactions, it is a simple sign that he is unprepared for a long-term relationship. For a majority of males, a title comes with a lot of pressure, accountability and responsibility. When couples fail to live according to the expectations arguments are bound to occur, and eventually, the relationship, for one or both partners, can lack fun. In such a situation, it becomes import ant for the woman to evaluate how she sees herself in the man’s future. This is because in relationships (mostly those that have been there for sometime) dramatic, intense, and life altering circumstances, can occur anytime. This is the reason a majority of the men prefer the ‘friends with benefit’ situation (Hasan 176). Consequently, as most men get bored with such kind of a relationship, the outcome depends on the woman’s decision as to what kind of relationship she wants. If she wants the ‘friends with benefit’, or a concrete relationship then it is her choice to make. Either way, the woman cannot force the man to do something, which he has not made up his mind to do. Barker, Geoff. What is on a Mans Mind: What Every Woman Needs to Know. Sydney: New Holland, 2006. Print. Batthyany, Alexander, and Avshalom C. Elitzur. Mind and Its Place in the World: Non-reductionist Approaches to the Ontology of Consciousness. Frankfurt: Ontos, 2006. Print . Geraldo, Sam. A Womans Guide to the Male Mind: Mens Real Views on Dating, Mating and Sex. Bloomington, Ind: AuthorHouse, 2011. Print. Gurian, Michael. What Could He Be Thinking?: How a Mans Mind Really Works. New York: St. Martins Press, 2003. Print. Hasan, Servet. How to Read Any Mans Mind. Bloomington, Ind: AuthorHouse, 2004. Print. Imam, Zurain. What men want women to wear? August 22, 2012. Web. Leman, Kevin. Making Sense of the Men in Your Life: What Makes Them Tick, What Ticks You Off, and How to Live in Harmony. Nashville, Tenn: Thomas Nelson Publishers, 2000. Print. Lewis, Lonnie J. Mans Mind: Wouldnt You Want to Know? Sal.: Trafford On Demand Pub, 2011. Print.

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Three Fairly New British Language References

Three Fairly New British Language References Three Fairly New British Language References Three Fairly New British Language References By Maeve Maddox Motivated by the lively debates about where to put commas, and the controversy over â€Å"gone missing,† I’ve added some up-to-date British references to my print reference library. The three newcomers to my shelves are: Penguin Dictionary of English Grammar by R. L. Trask, 2000. As the title implies, this guide arranges topics and terms in alphabetical order. It includes every permutation of terminology from the traditional ones I grew up with to the innovations born of transformational grammar and Quirk Grammar. Here one can find definitions of subject raising, subjuncts, adjuncts and conjuncts, along with more immediately useful terms as double negative, paradigm, relative pronoun and usage. A lot of the terms are, however, a bit esoteric. While it’s a great resource for me in my line of work, there’s probably nothing here you can’t find online at OWL or any of the other free references mentioned in Online Style Guides. Penguin Guide to Punctuation by R. L. Trask, 1997. Trask does more than present rules and made-up textbook examples. His personality comes through as he discusses badly punctuated passages, often speculating as to why certain errors are made. It’s extremely readable, whatever page you open to. Of the ten chapters, seven deal with specific punctuation marks: 2: The Full Stop, the Question Mark and the Exclamation Mark 3: The Comma 4: The Colon and the Semicolon 5: The Apostrophe 6: The Hyphen and the Dash 7 Capital Letters and Abbreviations 8 Quotation Marks Chapter 1 explains the practical importance of punctuation. Chapter 7 gives rules for capitalizing and abbreviating. Chapter 9 deals with typographical considerations and Chapter 10 discusses the punctuation of essays and letters. I’m still in the process of getting acquainted with it, but this punctuation guide promises to be a treasure. Having British usage all in one place will be a great help as I write future posts. Penguin Writer’s Manual by Martin H. Manser and Stephen Curtis, 2002. As might be expected, there’s some overlap with the other two books. This one book has everything a writer needs in a basic reference. Part One deals with the mechanics of writing: 1 Grammar 2 Usage 3 Vocabulary 4 Spelling 5 Punctuation 6 Abbreviations. Part Two gets into the specifics of style, revision, and types of writing. There’s also a generous glossary of grammatical terms. In case youre wondering: Quirk grammars: A series of grammars of English written by Randolph Quirk and his colleagues. Though rather traditional in orientation, these grammars are informed by contemporary linguistic research. They introduce a certain amount of novel terminology. Want to improve your English in five minutes a day? Get a subscription and start receiving our writing tips and exercises daily! Keep learning! Browse the Book Reviews category, check our popular posts, or choose a related post below:"Based in" and "based out of"75 Synonyms for â€Å"Talk†How to Style Titles of Print and Online Publications